Tuesday, April 09, 2013

the pink needles ...

... oh, and the yellow haze. spring is definitely here. yesterday, i thought i saw a hint of pollen on my truck. but today, ... it was quite obvious.

i only bring this up because when i got home, i wanted to take pictures of my bias scarf & the cool vintage needles i'm using on it.

i took my stuff outside, to the picnic bench, and had to blow off the pollen. of course, i didn't realize how much pollen was on this outdoor furniture, until after i had sat in it. ugh.

anyways ... here's one of my cute project bags!


i got this bag a year or so ago, when i was participating in a group that does swaps (the danger crafts group on ravelry).

i grabbed it this morning, and shoved my project inside (i like for my project bag & yarn to kinda match).


now, my project isn't that "huge", the bag is petite (for socks and mini-monsters). the measurement on the bottom long edge is about 6".

my needles are longer than the bag, but fit nicely on the diagonal.


and here's what i've been lovin' ... the PINK NEEDLES !!! i have no idea how old they are, but they're clearly vintage. and they knit like a dream.

i got them years ago, probably when i bought a random lot of needles off of ebay, or maybe from a yard sale, or thrift store --- i don't remember.


now, this is just me playing with all the fun photo apps (via befunky on my iphone, and aviary in flickr).

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