Sunday, April 14, 2013

the pollen

we're amidst what i call the yellow haze. it's the time of year when the pollen is out of control. it's a rite of passage for spring. it's when it gets too hot outside (and inside) --- too early to turn on the AC, so you're suckered into opening the windows --- and the pollen enters.


by the way, the colors are a bit "off", but i swear my place has been dusted in a shade akin to chalk.

even my black skirts look kinda greenish now.

maybe that's how i was seduced into knitting a cotton springtime scarf from the different shades of pollen? the designer calls this color 'asparagus', but as i hack and wheeze, i'm calling it pollen.

but, to make my pollen prettier, i went out and got some beads for it.

hahahahahaha! i rewarded my pollen !!!


the beads have a yellowish center, with a green tint in the clear area.

i really thought i'd finish my scarf this weekend, until i cast on a new sock instead.

(sigh) ... i'll share that later.

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