Monday, April 08, 2013


... that's the name of the color of my yarn for this scarf.

i started yesterday. i first started with the size 6 needle (4mm) and then had my doubts. i changed to a size 4 needle, and then upgraded to my size 5's (3.75mm).


these needles are pretty awesome. they are serious vintage. i'll take a picture of them later though.

but, they're perfect for this project. they're short straights, and they're "bendy" --- they are a soft pink plastic.

my yarn glides smoothly on them, and the needles flex with my hands.

so now, i only have miles & miles of boring mindless knitting.

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Acorn to Oak said...

Have fun with your scarf! Those needles are such a pretty pink. I have some old needles in a soft, bendy plastic too. They're fun to knit with. Much better than all those old, slippery metal ones I have tons of. lol And, a fun change once in a while from the bamboo ones I usually knit with.