Tuesday, January 14, 2014

kroy monster socks

i have lots of leftover kroy sock yarn. it is probably my favorite sock yarn (great for the budget, fun colorways, and size 2 needles!).

i gathered up what i could find of my leftovers, and i have about 138 grams. that's more than enough for 1 pair.

Kroy monster socks

i was in need of a "fix" tonight --- i got off work early (without pay, of course, but worth it … daylight!), figured out where i went wrong on my cardigan, fixed that mistake, and then started a monster sock with my kroy leftovers.

Kroy sock

56 stitches of easy. i'll just pick out colors and use until i run out. i don't care. this is suppose to be mindless, so they will probably be very similar, but not identical twins. fraternal twins instead.

i'm using my clover 2.75mm bamboo dpns. i ♥ love ♥ these needles in the size 2.25mm, but in this size --- they're not 'bendy' enough for me. but at that mm size, i doubt there is a dpn with enough flex.

i couldn't find my usual rosewood dpns. not sure where i stashed them.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Okay. This post has me cracking up. Are You making one monster sock or a pair ? You're going to knit until there is no more Kroy. I like that. I'm looking forward to the monster sock(socks). I love Kroy also. It's so soft.

Rainy Daisy said...

Fun! I am just now learning about the joys of Kroy sock yarn.