Saturday, January 25, 2014

kroy progress report

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the kroy socks are coming along --- i am on the heel flap of sock #2 tonight.

when these are completed, i'll have to weigh my remaining leftovers --- i can guess though ---

one finished sock weighs 45 grams. so the pair will about 90 grams. i started with 138, minus 90, equals roughly 48. i "might" have some other leftovers hiding. so maybe i can make a pair of footies too?

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and, i did finish the pair i started on christmas day. these socks are knitted with knitpick's hand painted stroll in colorway 'treefort'.

they only have 6 colors in that yarn line right now, so i wonder if they're going to discontinue it or add new colors?

for bedtime reading, i have a new book ……

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this is such  COOL book! there are some patterns in the book, but it's mostly knitting history and techniques.

i was looking for this book tonight and couldn't find it … and then remembered it was in my bed!


yes … that is a cookie monster ! stuart "found" him on his last visit home :p

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