Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chickie Masla

Chickie Masla … what a great name! that is the name of my current project.

well, that is the name of the color of my current project …..

Augusta Cardigan
and my photo makes the yellow way toooooo yellow.

here's a link of the yarn on the manufacture's website.

the color is close to "butter", with bits of egg yoke. 

the sweater pattern is the augusta cardigan from the book _new england knits_. it is knit in pieces, from the bottom up. 

i am horrible at finishing sweaters. but, i will finish this one. it might be a bit too roomy, maybe. i'm shooting for a finished 36" (my bust is about 34"). but, with my gauge, etc … i'm not sure what size it will be after blocking.

i did knit a swatch, and i was on gauge, and the swatch softened up and bloomed beautifully!

but, in the raw, this yarn is hard to knit --- kinda like cotton (though it's wool & mohair). the strand itself has zero "boing".

so far, i have finished the back, left front, and will likely finish the right front this weekend.

after that, next steps include the sleeves, assembly, button band, buttons, blocking. or something like that :p

i'm debating knitting the sleeves at the same time. i should.

after this cardigan, i really should start thinking more about my summer sweaters … and the ones i abandoned last fall. once fall hits, and my job ramps up, certain projects just seem to fall by the wayside.

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