Thursday, January 09, 2014

my needles feel too small !!!

this is strange. i have knitted socks since at least the early to mid '90's.

in the beginning, i followed the pattern faithfully, and knitted on size 2 needles at 56 stitches. those socks fit great!

and now i knit on size 1 needles at 64 stitches. they fit great as well =)

(it's all about gauge) (my mom's favorite 5 letter word)

regardless, i've been working on multiple projects lately.

one crochet (shawl) (size 4mm hook).

one knit (sweater) (size 5mm needle).

and socks. 2.25mm dpns.


and lately, when i work on the socks … the needles feel too small for me.

it's kinda disturbing. i'm not sure if it's the mm size or the needles themselves. these are the new caspian needles from knitpicks. they are crazy smooth, and not as flexible as my bamboo dpns at all. they're lovely. but … right now, feel too small. they make my hands feel big. (sigh)

perhaps i need to cast on another pair of socks with all of my kroy leftovers? … at least then i can use my size 2's !!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Do they feel small because they are shorter than your other needles?