Saturday, January 04, 2014

happy new year!


that's for starters … but now … the crafts!

i did finish those socks. and i made a second pair for mom over the holiday.

Leftovers sock

this is sock #1 … and then the PAIR !!!

BeFunky Basic Black on iPhone

i do see more in my future, as i still have tons of leftovers of this same type to make at least 4-6 pairs.

BeFunky Basic Black on iPhone

BeFunky Basic Black on iPhone

this next pair is mom's --- they're kinda stretched out, as she photographed them after she wore them (and they're unwashed).

BeFunky Grunge 2 on iPhone

she liked mine so much, i made her a pair as well (mine are knitted on 64 stitches, and hers on 60 stitches).

the socks don't end there, as i also had a new cast on with yarn from knitpicks i got during their black friday sale ….


this is their stroll handpainted in colorway "treefort". i'm using their (new to me) caspian dpns.

i really like the needles. they are smooth and pointy! and it just so happens they match my yarn (which, could be confusing for some folks, but i don't really need to look at my vanilla socks as i knit).

the first sock is completed, and sock #2 is on the needles. a lot of the 1st sock was knitted christmas day at the theater when we went to see the latest Hobbit movie. i finished the ribbing and knitted the leg in the dark (there's just one wee error in the ribbing, but i left it).

there's other knitting & crocheting going on around here. but i will save the sharing for later, as i want to get back to one of my projects now (i SO value my "me time" … and i do have the weekend, but for the next 2 weeks i'm working lots of overtime --- YAY $$$ --- but i will miss some of my "me time".).

lastly, i will leave a picture posted by a dear friend from italy --- i don't know if the picture is his, or something he found online, but it's pretty …..


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