Sunday, February 09, 2014

(almost) leg warmer


i started this project 2 nights ago. i am making the Long Walks leg warmers.

i found this pattern via ravelry. it's a free download. i am making the smallest size, with the needles called for in the pattern (3 and 3.5mm). i'm knitting it with magic loop too --- as it's easy to try on for size as i work from knee to ankle.

the color of the yarn is a very pale green, almost grayish. i liked it once. i might like it again. if i don't, i can always over-dye it.

this yarn is a "blast from the past" --- very old cynthia helene merino dk. it's awesome yarn! the stitch definition is crisp, and the wool is super wash. i have more in stash, … i actually started out with a sweater amount --- but i'm never going to knit this stuff into a sweater.

instead, 2-3 balls will make me some fabulous leg warmers. the remaining balls will probably find a similar fate. the yarn doesn't have to stay this pale zombie green -- it can always become something new on the stove top =)

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