Sunday, February 02, 2014

the edgy kerchief




speed crochet --- that's what this was. i was crocheting as fast as i could.

i started on january 18th and finished on the 24th. yesterday, i folded it up and dropped it in the mail.

this pattern is called "edgy kerchief". the pattern has not yet been released, as the testing period is not yet over. but my ravelry project page is here. i will link my page to the pattern once the pattern is officially uploaded to ravelry.

the yarn i used is knitpick's curio. ♥ love it !!! ♥  it is a lace weight cotton thread (similar to a size 10 thread, but not as stiff --- and comes in a really great color palette).

it is wrapped around a little cardboard tube, and the yarn is 100 grams, 721 yards, and the little cotton tube inside weighs 3 grams (i know this because i emailed knitpicks to ask this question --- and they responded regarding the weight of the tube inside).

the colorway i used here is called "ivy". it's a really nice dark dark shade of green, but it attracts fuzzies like a magnet.

it's quite affordable, so i may consider it for a garment in the future. i hope knitpicks keeps this line and expands the colors!

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