Sunday, February 02, 2014

♥ L O V E ♥

love, knitter-style!

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

and this is what i've been working on this weekend … it's called Love actually is all around.

it's a free pattern from knitty.

i was doing a search the other day via ravelry for ideas for valentine's day, and rediscovered this pattern. i didn't want it in obvious valentine colors, so went with the black & white (and i wish my white was a bit less bright, but i'm not changing it now).

the cool part of this pattern is that it's double-knit! … thus, the other side is the reverse.

it took me 3 times to just get the cast on and set up row started. that's equivalent to at least 2 movies on netflix :p

but once i got started, it's been much much easier.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone


it's highly likely mine will come out a bit larger than the pattern intends. if it is too big, then i will just fold it over and pin it.


Kimberlyn said...

It's looking great! Double knitting is something I have yet to try.

Huisha Kiongozi said...
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