Sunday, February 09, 2014

project bags


for christmas/birthday, my friend schmutzie got me one of these ravelry project bags (in center). it's a good sized bag --- about 12" x 16".

i use it a lot of my larger projects. i only have 1.

schmutzie had gotten one for herself as well --- and she really likes it. so she requested to have another one, but in this crazy fabric i found at my local Joann store.

the one she requested was this …



the one she didn't ask for (and doesn't know about) is this …



she's not irish, but german. her birthday is valentine's day, but i couldn't find this type of print in the valentine scheme --- so she's getting the next holiday option :p

regardless --- it's a good sized bag for a knitting project larger than a sock (such as her sweater projects).

it was fairly quick & easy.

i had searched a lot on google --- looking for tutorials, getting ideas.

i kept it very simple. i didn't even use my serger, but instead zig-zagged around the edges.

so, this can be done with just a regular sewing machine that has straight stitch and zig-zag.


i cut out 2 rectangles (13" x 17"). i finished the edges first with my zig-zag.

then i sewed around the 2 long edges and the bottom (but on one long edge, i kept a gap of about 1 1/2 - 2" for the casing.)

the picture above shows my "fabulous" sewing job --- i pressed and sewed the edge where the casing opening would be, and also pressed under the top edge's zig-zag and stitched for the casing.

it's really easy.

typically, i would line a project bag, but she requested no lining --- and frankly --- it doesn't really need a lining. it's just a drawstring bag to stuff a project into, or stuff anything into.

i will definitely have to do this again --- whether as a bag for myself in this size, or something smaller from a fat quarter.

oh! i also used a template to cut the fabric …


it looks like a mat for a photo, but i cut out my rectangle in this poster board. i was shopping at walmart for just white poster board, and they were out --- then i spotted this package of 3 sheets with a 1/2" grid lightly printed on it.


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Anonymous said...

#LOVE THESE! Great job! (As always) I think 'we' should make some more in April!