Saturday, February 08, 2014

keeping warm

i haven't finished my ♥ cowl ♥ yet … though i'm very close to the end. i will finish by valentine's day nevertheless.

last night, i was looking for a mindless project, and didn't want to cast on a new pair of socks.

instead, i started some leg warmers

(whoops! no pictures! (yet))

( i thought i had pictures already uploaded)

okay, instead … i bought a hank of cotton today.

i had a great day hanging out with schmutzie.

this is the yarn i got. it's a fingering weight hand-dyed cotton --- all "made in the USA".

i'll use it in either knit or crochet. i will make a shawl or shawlette.

so, here's the cool part. the yarn shop has a motorized ball winder now!




i do not need such a gadget --- but it's super cool!

and aside --- the yarn is lovely. i cannot wait to start something new with it. i think it whatever it will be, it will also be a companion with my trip to italy this summer.

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