Sunday, June 01, 2014

crochet & knit

i am still knitting on the insouciant tee, and making great progress on another tee i half-heartedly started last year.

last year, i swatched and started a crochet top, with knitted edges (i.e.: neck, armholes, and bottom hem). it's a tee that is crocheted with motifs and a "join-as-you-go" method of connecting all the squares.


i decided not too long ago, to give it another go … because, 1) i had the yarn (cotton thread), 2) i had the pattern, 3) i thought it would be fun.

and it is fun!

and it's pretty.

and i hope it fits well.

a couple of weekends ago, when i picked this project back up, i decided i "needed" a coordinating bag for my project, … thus the ladybug bag.

i have somewhat outgrown this bag though, because right now i am knitting the ribbing around the neck, and the ribbing is double stranded thread (which i'm knitting off of two balls of thread).


but since it's almost bedtime, i don't really see myself cranking out another project bag tonight.

maybe tomorrow? hmmm …..


red … i should wear more red. i bought some red flowers today. i only paid a few cents more than i would pay for a cut bouquet. these lilies are perennials, so after they're done for the season, they will go into the ground … somewhere ---- hey mom ! i got you some flowers !!!

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