Wednesday, June 04, 2014

getting closer ...

I've completed the neckline and sleeves, and started the ribbing around the bottom hem. after i finish the hem, i will try on again, and decide if i need to tighten up the neck ribbing.

on the sleeves, i knitted with the same sized needle (3.25mm) but switched to a smaller needle for the last few rounds and bind off --- to keep it from flaring. i might need to do that on the neck as well.

but on the bottom hem, i might not do that --- as it needs to stretch out a bit for the hips.


there will be lots of ends to weave in (each square has 2 ends).

it has a good amount of weight to it now, with the ribbing.

the crochet is single stranded and the ribbing is doubled.

i'm already thinking about my next project … knit? crochet? both?

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