Sunday, June 15, 2014

2 finished projects --- one sewing, one crocheted!

for the sewing category, i made another set of pennants.


i picked out these fabrics yesterday when i was out & about. i only got a 1/4 yard of each (all on sale).

i used that same tutorial i posted before, but with 1/4 yard, i can only get 11 triangles instead of 12. so, i spaced them out a bit more.


i've only made one pennant banner thus far, … i did go ahead and cut the blues and pinned them, for when i feel again like sewing.


of all the fabrics, this one with the birds is my favorite.


yesterday, i also got a small blocking board. i do have other surfaces i can block on (for sweaters, shawls, etc), but this small one has a grid with squares and circles --- perfect for my doilies!

this doily is called "peony doily" (this links you to ravelry). i have at least 4 balls of red heart crochet thread (size 10), and i wanted to do something with it. i did a lot of searching on ravelry for doily patterns (free ones). this was pretty. i'm pleased with how it came out, and i started a second in a peacock blue.

tonight, i might crochet for a bit, and then switch to knitting. i downloaded a pattern today to use with some of my stash. the pattern is called "imagine when". it's really amazing --- i'm hoping this will be my mindless project.


Frankie said...

Beautiful doily!
You're going to love knitting Imagine When . . . I'm about 95% finished with mine and I've really enjoyed knitting it. Have fun!

Huisha Kiongozi said...

beautiful!!! always so inspiring!