Sunday, June 29, 2014

crafty times!

progress --- YES ! --- so, i'm about to split the neck on my insouciant summer silk tee.

i started a mindless sock recently to keep my head from exploding.

i finished (and started) a doily.

here's the sock …


i don't remember when i bought the yarn. it's a regia sock yarn though.

on the label says, "made in italy"! i liked it when i bought it. then, i didn't care for it that much. when i cast it on, i did out of desperation to have a sock on the needles … with mindless knitting.

i picked this self-striping yarn because i figured worst case scenario, if i didn't like it, i could over dye it.

but, i really like it! … the colors and how wide the stripes are. it's a keeper.

i'm on the toe now … and will cast on #2 after finishing this one.

next, a finished doily …


looking at this picture, and photos of the other finished ones on ravelry, i perhaps should had blocked this to be more of a hexagon.

now, it doesn't matter. the last round was a _____ (insert expletive).

i do love crochet, but the instructions are so much different compared to knitting.

in crochet, each row/round is written as a run-on sentence. so, when i'm looking at the instructions, and then work on my thread/yarn … i've completely lost my space in the instructions.

so, today, i got a helper.

post-it notes "flags" !


these little guys will help me follow my patterns. i've had some before, and they are worth the money.

i started another doily …


this one is in white thread. my 1st in white thread. this will be my last one for the next month i think … due to vacation and other projects.

i want to finish this one by the 4th --- as a holiday decoration --- with my other blue and red ones.

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