Sunday, November 02, 2014

busy busy busy

last night, as driving home, i tuned into a radio station that announced that they would have all the holiday classic favorites playing 'all the time' through this holiday season.

i guess that's what happens right after halloween? right?

however, things have "happened" since my last post.

first of all, i attended SAFF.


in years past, they had a big "this is not the tractor show" sign posted here. they still have this sign, but it's on the other side of the entrance.

this event is a favorite of mine --- it's a combination of going home, spending a day with  mom w/o other 'things' going on, YARN, and just fun fun fun.


it was an amazing day. the weather was so much warmer than last year. last year, it was a whopping 29* when we rolled up to our parking space. this year? … it was so "not as cold" that i didn't even notice.

by lunchtime, i was baking under the sun in a long sleeve t-shirt.


the picture here, and subsequent, are pretty crappy --- the color is off --- i was taking pictures under a fading sky --- so they all have that 'evening blue' hue to them.


first, is this amazing yarn i got from the 'black sheep farm' from morganton, nc. they don't have a website, but i found their information on the vendor list from SAFF. i have scribbled all their contact information on the backside of my yarn labels.

the yarn is a superwash merino @ approx 250 yds each hank. i got 4 hanks. "approximately" 1000 yards.

and i've started a sweater ….


this is some miss babs "yowza" ! … OH SO PRETTY!

the color is almost black with dark blue highlights. i have enough for a sweater. i'm still debating which design to knit.


the next 2 items, yarn kits from miss babs …

on the left the polydactyl set … to knit tubularity in the exact colorway, "jelly fish".

though, i have failed. i started it in the recommended needle size and the feel is too compact. i will restart in a larger needle.

regardless, i love LOVE love this color combination.

the other kit is to knit leftie --- mom chose this --- for ME to knit. thanks mom!


and one last thing for me ….

a gradient kit. 5 hanks of fingering yarn, in 5 shades of? (gray?!)

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