Sunday, November 09, 2014

i have kissed ….

…. my yarn!

yes! i love the yarn !!!

though, my yarn choice was not the frog prince.

i am knitting on my sweater. i am on the neckline now. the body is finished, and now i want to finish the neck so when i start the sleeves, i can feel confident that their length is accurate for how the sweater hangs from my neck/shoulders.


here is a photo of just before starting the bottom hem ribbing.

now, i'm on the neckline. i'm about to bind off.

swooooooon !!!

in other news, today (and this weekend) was full of household chores.

never mind the 'everything' … see the 'now'.

though this scrubbing bubble is available, i found one appropriate for christmas! ….

i love this nightlight! ….. i found this in my grandmother's house. i wonder where she displayed it ….

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elns said...

I love your night lights. How did you have time for chores when you got so much lovely knitting done?!?