Tuesday, November 04, 2014

yarn love


… i couldn't decide. this booth had such pretty yarns, and for a great price!

(yarn is a superwash merino from Black Sheep Farm in Morganton, NC --- no website)

i did decide on the green … each hank is approximately 250 yds. i got all 4 they had.


when i got home, i started immediately. i'm already almost finished with the 2nd hank. this is growing up to be "beeline".

it's a really simple topdown pullover, with enough little design details to avoid monotony.


the color is a mix of greens and blues.

swatching note: (the haphazard way) --- when i got home from SAFF, i immediately wound a hank into a ball and grabbed some needles. i started with the 7's (too small), then 9's (too big). i didn't have 8's, so i waited until i got back to my home and just started the sweater on the 8's (process of elimination).


Caffeine Girl said...

I know that I need to swatch; I just hate to do it! Casting on is so exciting.

elns said...

I say everything that Caffeine Girl said. I like your swatching method as it mirrors mine. hehe.

The color of that yarn is just beautiful.