Saturday, November 29, 2014

getting ready ...

…. for christmas. for me & marco.


so, after a long day, … the tree is up! it's still lacking balls (that's what she said!). (i'm terribly hooked on the office right now)

i worked in the living room all day. i moved furniture, i cleaned. and finally, i put up the tree.

it's not yet in its full glory. i still need to hang the ornaments. and, i might need to move the color wheel as well.

however, when it is in its full glory … it will look like this:

socks christmas 016

christmas tree close up

blurry spinning tree

and now, i'm sleepy … i've been up since dawn. i haven't even sat down to knit. but now, i will try.

tomorrow? more housework. ornaments for the tree. cooking. knitting. and to bed early for a 12 hour shift on monday (overtime makes me whine, but time & a half is nice).


Anonymous said...

The tree is lovely but it needs her balls...(that's what she said)

Lacy said...

Oh my, that tree and the ornaments are exactly the same as the one(s) I grew up with. Mom set up that tree until it was aluminum bare! We also had a light wheel that changed colors as it rotated. Oh, you're made me cry with joy! Thank you for the Christmas surprise - thank you!!!!

elns said...

You've got the spirit! I am not allowed to have spirit until the apartment is sorted and more chores are done ... zzzzzzzzzzz boringtown!