Sunday, November 16, 2014

where am i ?

home. knitting. it's been a darkish day. and there's been some rain.

i tried to take some photos of my current project, and the yarn got wet and dirty.


this is my tubularity. it's a cowl/wrap designed by Martina Behm. i officially ♥ adore ♥ her !

so, i got this polydactyl kit in the miss babs booth at SAFF.

i got the exact colorway as the model. it's called "Deep Sea Jellyfish".

why? because i liked the colors and didn't want to think. it's kinda like finding something in a catalog, but you have to make it first.

the kit comes with 7 colors 38 grams each. i'm knitting color 5 of 7. i'm almost finished !!! squeeee !!!!

last night, i stayed up until after 4am knitting. i just wanted to see progress, and to see the next color.

it's an enjoyable knit ---- it's mindless. i will finish soon, and then have to block and find a few buttons. however, i can see myself wearing this!

in other news,

…. i was shopping on etsy, and saw a pretty pair of earrings. they were in this incredible shade of blue.

and i thought, "i have something in this blue!" …


… an old pendant, from my time in the domenican republic. the stone is called larimar.

i'd forgotten how beautiful this blue is. the stone is not perfectly polished. the bezel and bail are rustic, but the overall piece is still stunning.

and one last little tidbit … mini-skeins!


i belong to an online group (via ravelry) specific to knitpicks.

anyways, there was a group member that offered to order every colorway of one of the sock yarns offered by knitpicks, and then wind it off into 5 gram hanks.

so now, i have all these mini-skeins, which will likely become monster socks (socks knitted completely of leftovers). AND, now i know how the colors look in person instead of a computer monitor !

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elns said...

I love this color combination. I can't believe you were up till 4am knitting! You really are into it. I love it.