Tuesday, September 27, 2005

avoidance behavior

... it certainly has its benefits, just look at how much sock i've knitted!

scallops sock

i spent some time on the sofa watching stupid shows, but that was okay because i was also being productive ! i was so productive, i did not notice that i had skipped a repeat of the plain knitting rounds between my last two sets of scallops. ugh! so, a ripping i went this morning. i had actually knitted the heel and was a few rounds into the gusset when i noticed my mistake.
i'm using size 1 dpns on some stash koigu. i think the pattern would be easier to see with a different colorway, but my other stash koigu has been earmarked for other projects, so, i can't touch it! and i can't have more koigu, at least not until after (or during) my vermont trip. who made up these rules ?!

i still have not tried to reinstall my camera software. i spent some serious time yesterday on my computer, wiping out its harddrive and reloading all the programs. (yes, that's the punishment for when the computer is misbehaving --- wipe out its memory!) i did reinstall my dsl (duh), printer and scanner, oh, and norton. i'm feeling very picture deprived as i've yet to get my camera and computer to be friends. in the meantime, i guess the scanner will work as my "camera".

alterknits book

and have you seen this book ? i want it! right now i'm thinking i need a knitted crown. don't we need crowns?

and lastly, interweave press has a new special issue magazine coming in october, knitscene. of couse it's on my i want list! i'm a big interweave knits fan!

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gray la gran said...

oooh! look at that pretty sock-to-be! is it for me?! (of course it is!)