Friday, September 23, 2005

toxic socks

wildfoote 3

well, it's electric ! or, it just looks that way because the scan i did was so dark and dingy, i had to liven things up. so, though unnatural, the colors are pretty nice, though false. but, look at the texture! you can actually see the stitch pattern, and that was my ultimate goal. pretend the yellowish color is actually a jewel toned green, and the other colors are not so toxic.

i did reward myself yesterday with two balls of koigu ... in a lovely girlie shade of mixed golds/peach/pinks/greys. i decided i'm tired of knitting dark socks. i need some happy lace socks now. i started a sock yesterday (so, i prematurely started)(which, is probably why it didn't work out), but need to find a different lace pattern. isn't it funny how one can spend so much time contemplating the sock vs. knitting the sock? yep, that's me. the theoretical knitter.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the wired world. - Chris

devilkitty said...

Yes, I think we're going to need a separate rental car for all our enormous luggage for just in case *emergency* yarn purchases ;p