Sunday, September 11, 2005

slow motion

i have been wrapped up more in the moving process vs. the knitting process. i have temporarily abandoned some of my larger projects to knit socks --- why? socks are smaller, more portable, and don't require as much thinking .... you know, stalling. last winter, i bought a yummy hank of yarn made by mountain colors. it's a sock yarn, called 'barefoot'. the colorway is called 'rosehips', but i just couldn't get the colors to translate with my photos. the colors should read as a deep wine with blips of a brighter red, and subtle variations in between. also, in the interest of interesting knitting, i used a broken cable pattern. just imagine a checker board, and all the black blocks are reverse stockinette st., and the reds are the 2x2 cables.

cable socks

this yarn has a high mohair content. (i've lost the label, but i think it was something like 20% or 25%) not that i want to handwash socks, as the yarn is superwash, but i can just see the mohair grabbing every bit of lint in the wash and making my lovely socks look like old towels. i slept in them the night i finished them, and my toes were toasty warm!

knitting library

the joyful thing about moving is seeing all my stuff again! (especially the books) i knew before i moved in that this is where the knitting library would be ... leta knew too, as when she helped me move the first batch of boxes with knitting books, she immediately dropped the boxes infront of the mantle. us knitters just know.

library 5

library 4

library 3

i know this doesn't look like much ... just a bunch of clutter infront of a closet ... but guess what is STASHed inside that closet? yep! YARN! lots of yummy touchy-feely YARN! i'll show it off another time ....


Saun said...

The socks turned out great. It was nice meeting you the other day at Great Yarns. Stop by my blog when you get a chance.

pinky said...

Yay!! I can't wait to see your new place! Wandering around your Carson apartment was like being in a crafter's playland. Your socks look wonderful; I wish there was a way to feel them over the internet.