Friday, September 23, 2005

i'm connected !!!

goodness! it's been too long since my last post. i have been offline for a couple of weeks, but just installed bellsouth dsl this morning, and it works :)
my next step will be trying to figure out how to make my camera speak to my computer.
in knitting news, my yarn and i have a new home. i have so much stash. i shouldn't need anymore yarn, but i am going to a sheep & wool festival next weekend, and i don't know how you don't buy yarn, especially when you have to fly all the way to vermont to see it. i don't know what to expect there, but plan on having plenty of space in my luggage for just in case emergency yarn purchases.
on the homefront, i am almost finished with another pair of socks. i will post a picture when i figure out how to do that again. i figure at worst, i can smush it on my scanner. that might actually be a better image than a photo, as i keep using these dark rich colors that don't really translate well with my picture taking skills and photoshop. having photoshop is one thing, knowing how to use it is something quite different.
the yarn i'm using is brown sheep's wildfoote handpaint. the color is called 'rhapsody', and it has rich shades of purples, blues, green, and fuschia. i loved it at first, but now i'm over it. i am using the diagonal rib sock pattern from the subscriber pages of interweave knits. if you choose to do this sock, just be aware that the stitch pattern is a sock yarn guzzler. i had minimal amounts of leftover snippets.
i have a lot of catching up to do on blog reading, and posting.

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pinky said...

I just figured that I would ship most of the yarn that I bought, as I only want to take two carryons and that won't leave much room for yarn. I learned during the Mpls trip that yarn takes up A LOT of space!!