Sunday, September 25, 2005

knitting is easier than blogging

i say this because after my computer being in storage for the last year+, i hardly remember how to use it. i tried to install my software for my digital camera, but it "didn't take". now, i need to uninstall, once i figure out how to do that, at an acceptable time of day.
but, in knitting news, i did start a new pair of socks! i'm knitting with some stash koigu in a shade of yellow with splotches with the lacy scallops sock pattern on the sockbug's website . i'm using size 1 dpns, and have 72 stitchs on my needles. so, it's a wavy kind of pattern, scallops, like feather & fan, or a chevron, so, it shouldn't be so big, but ... it's looking big. i'm going to keep knitting and see what happens though. (trying to be the faithful knitter)
the other reward koigu got put aside. it's too precious because it's fresh koigu. i'm a freak.

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pinky said...

Mmm fresh koigu tastes YUMMY!!