Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i'm ready for valentine's day

... well, in a knitterly way at least.

i made myself some valentine socks!

be sure to move mouse over photo

these were a fairly quick knit on size 3 dpns with idena's juvel superwash wool. i might be tempted to knit a second pair for someone who claims to really like blues.
i had a hard time photographing these because i could not wait for better light this morning, and i wanted to photograph them from the outside of my foot. the hearts are centered on the outside of each leg, just above the split for the heelflap. note: the hearts are knitted lace, and i slipped a piece of white paper inside the socks so the flash would capture the design. ps. no, those are not *spitballs*, and yes, mom, i think it's you that likes blues.

valentine heart socks

and, who knows how long the lovebug's bite will itch, but i cast on for noro's butterfly. i bought the yarn last winter, thinking i would start it then. so, it's still considered fresh yarn. there have been plenty of fitting issues with this design in bloglandia. the first issue is schematics. the noro books don't have any, which would be very helpful when it comes time to block. also, lots of knit bloggers had issues with the sleeve length. that's not surprising ... just look at the model and her chimpanzee arms. my current issue is fit. such as the difference in gauge of the chevron section vs. the stockinette sections. i will figure these things out, even if it means a lot of ripping. i knitted my last noro silk garden sweater body twice! eeeeks!

butterfly beginnings

i even knitted a swatch! and i even washed and blocked my swatch! and i haven't even measured it yet! yes, i know. sometimes i just like to knit, knit, knit, even if it's not going anywhere. i did measure before washing and blocking, so i'm not totally knitting blindly.

noro silk garden in colourway 203


heather said...

I *heart* those socks! How cute.

I'm also diggin' your sweater. Hope you don't run into any problems. Here's to smooth knitting alllll the way!

painter girl said...

I too love love the heart socks. The lace work is kinda sexy in an old fashioned way. And the cardigan is to die for. Still loving my mittens they are the best present ever.

pinky said...

Your Noro and I are going to get married, because I am hopelessly in love! I'm glad you will make Noro things so I can enjoy them without actually having to buy any Noro myself. :)

Siri said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the socks!
As for knitting Silk Garden, "just because" is a perfectly legitimate reason.
After ripping my Silk Garden scarf last week and starting to reknit it, behind the scenes, into a hat, I started thinking how lucky I was to get to knit with the very same gorgeous yarn again. Twice the enjoyment for the price.
How many yarns can you really say that about?