Wednesday, December 14, 2005

christmas comes early

when i came home last night, there was a special delivery from WEBS on my porch. i just could not wait to start knitting on this! it's going to be a throw, (that's a fancy word for afghan). it's knitted in strips, then sewn together. the yarn is jo sharp's silkroad aran tweed. the pattern is from the contemporary knitting 2 book, also by jo sharp. the yarn is super yummy, and i'm just a sucker for a tweed. i love all the little blips of color.
i was also very impressed with WEBS. they give a generous discount on their orders, and they squeezed so much stuff into one little box, ... and, they had everything i wanted. one stop shopping. i like that. ps i called their orderline to place my order, as not everything i wanted was on their web pages.

i'm using denise needles in a size 8 for this project. they are the coolest needles. i like lots of different types of needles, but have always appreciated my old plastic ones for their great tips and wonderful taper. the denise needles have that, and, they're interchangeable. the set has sizes 5 - 15, with different length cords to snap into the ends.

these are the books i felt i needed for my knitting library. they're books i've been wanting for awhile now, and i'm afraid if i waited much longer, some might not be available anymore. so, i'm stocked up on two jo sharp books, the louisa harding sweater book, and vittadini's spring '05 book. so, that's about the extent of my badness.

have i finished any secret knitting? nope. funny thing last week, dkitty asked me what my secret knitting was ... and i couldn't remember. i still don't remember. that will be a secret taken to the grave. sometimes i forget things. oops.

... but, this is no secret! it's my second hank of handspun. this hank was spun and plied on the wheel, during my spinning workshop. there's more yardage on this batch, but, likely not enough for anything larger than a topfloppen.

pretty twists

look at that handspun!

i'm not sure what to do about the spinning. i think my most immediate purchase in that dept. will be a nice set of cards and some roving that's ready to spin. a wheel purchase will just have to wait. the one i like most (today) is in the $600 range. ouch! ... and, there are lots of handpainted fleecy things out there too. the world just got bigger ....


Anonymous said...


The afghan looks great -- I just started one myself - in double crochet -- I must have been truly influenced by a weekend class with Melissa Leapman.

Topflappen in NH

Patti said...

Wait - you started that last night? And got that much done??!!

Beautiful handspun, too. :)

gray la gran said...

disclaimer: i did start the throw last night, but, it's not sooooo big. each square is 24 sts x 36 rows. so, you see, i'm not that prolific!