Tuesday, February 07, 2006


mitered garter stitch border

after running out of the gray yarn in my bindoff of the last strip, i thought it would be smooth sailing here on out. WRONG!

the pattern allows for two balls of the purplish shade for the garter stitch border. let's just say that i finished the border of the two short ends with one of the balls of yarn. hmmm .....

guess who needs to order another ball of yarn? guess who isn't going to order just one ball because she's certain that WEBS has some other things she needs.

disgruntled knitter ... grrrrr .... WEBS is out of that dyelot!

update: i did find it! at northeast fibers. and, patterworks sucks! where they take orders and actually have the yarn are two separate facilities. there's no way for the person on the phone to know what dyelots they have until you place an order, and the order gets sent to the warehouse, waiting for someone to actually 'pick' the order. and they won't/can't call to ask a person in the warehouse to check on a dyelot?! inefficient! grrrr!.


Devilkitty Grrrr...... said...

Send Jo Sharp an email-- maybe you'll get some freebies as compensation for your pain and suffering ;)

pinky said...

I second devilkitty... what is jo sharp trying to pull here? Having to scour the country in order to find the proper yarn does NOT for a pleasant project make!

Conundrum said...

i'll call 'em and get that dye lot # for you!