Tuesday, February 14, 2006

cold hands knitting

i may have a bunch of yarn, a bunch of pretty yarn, and lots of patterns and books, ... but my hands are cold! this is the knitting scene in my home today. my hands are finally warm too. i'm wearing my fingerless mitts, knitted with some sylvan spirit from the green mountain spinnery. i bought the yarn at the wool and sheep festival i went to in october, and knitted the mitts before boarding my plane for the return flight. by the way, i'm knitting a front of my butterfly.

silk garden sock

this is for the pinks of valentine's day, and, i just felt like reworking this sock i started last winter. the sock is from the same book as my butterfly cardigan, also knitted with noro's silk garden, with a bit of debbie bliss something for the cuffs. i will have to knit in some kind of reinforcing yarn, i think, for the heels and toes. unfortunately, i don't have an appropriate color of that kind of yarn in my stash ... but maybe sewing or serger thread? hmmm .....

garment designer schematic

garment designer schematic 2

i'm not going to make this, but i wanted to show what a schematic looks like printed from garment designer by cochenille. i had all but forgotten that i had this software, as i've moaned about the ill-fitting summer tweed cardigan. what can i do now? i can plug my numbers from my oversized gauge swatches (sweater back and sleeve) into the design i want, and print my own pattern. the manual for this software is about 1" thick. lots of info. the schematic pictured above is the result of a quick tutorial on some of the functions of the program. i don't really want a modified size 12 women's dolman sleeve pullover. the black lines represent the garment, and the green lines the sloper (body map). pretty neat!!!

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