Thursday, February 23, 2006

rainy day knitting

meet the newest addition to the crochet hook family, the D hook, a lovely 3.0 mm lass! she's been a great help, certainly earning her cost. see what she helped me do yesterday?

a tubular cast on! i used lucy neatby's instructions from her sock book, that i had sometime before sworn off because i had tried it once and made a mess of it. but, if pinky can do it, so can i (dammit!)! one important thing to remember ... really read the instructions. duh. i am knitting the sock with size 1's and did the cast on and first few rows with a size 4. the yarn is regia cotton surf color, a blend of wool, cotton and (one of my favorite words) polyamide. i'm getting 9 sts/inch with this yarn and needles. that's a lot of knitting.

incase you're asking "where's the crochet?" ... you first do a provisional cast on with a contrast yarn and crochet 1/2 your stitches onto the larger dpn.

and lastly, the jo sharp throw. i picked it up again, over a couple of evenings, to finally knit at least one of the long borders. the verdict? i think i picked up too many stitches. ugh. i may have to rip, but i won't decide that until i make an effort to work the other long edge with fewer stitches and see if it looks better.

the long edge is the horizontal edge in the photo. it doesn't exactly ruffle, but, it seems to be stretching out those stitches a bit. whaaaa!
and poor butterfly is waiting for me to get back to her sleeve. soon, i promise! i even thought about trying to finish her before the end of the month.


Lolly said...

Lovely tubular cast on! I have not tried this method yet, but I want to. It looks so clean.

The Jo Sharp blanket looks great - I don't see where you are talking about in this picture, so I doubt anyone else would! ;)

pinky said...

Yo -- if I can do something, anyone can do it! Except read Agent Gray's mind, that is only for specially trained operatives.