Saturday, February 04, 2006

rainy day progress

i'm staying home today. i worked on my jo sharp throw. sewing strips together. i started sewing strip #7 of 8 just a bit ago .....

jo sharp throw

it is slow going. i keep thinking, "what if i just keep working on it until i finish, and don't stop until then???!". that's a big "what if?", as in, won't happen. my mind keeps wandering to other projects i'd rather be knitting.

i washed and blocked my noro "swatch".

butterfly swatch soaking


the "swatch" was actually the first ball of noro knitted up in pattern. i wanted to see how it would relax after washing, as i'm still at a toss up over fit. now, i'm just waiting for it to dry ....

blackbirds snowflakes

these are little swatches, machine knit. i need to get back on my machine!


heather said...

That throw is awesome! I give you a ton of credit for attempting a throw. I've been wanting to make one but I think I'd lose interest. I have a short attention span.
It's really pretty and you're doing fantastic.

pinky said...

I cannot wait to curl up with your throw next time I have to crash at your house because our flight was delayed!

Devilkitty said...

Is the alligator handsoap-y thing from Target? It's so cute :)
How did the noro situation work out size-wise?

gray la gran said...

update! i JUST finished sewing together the last strip of the throw!!!!! YEAAAAH! um, now what? knit border, weave in ends?!
yes, ms pinky, you can crash anytime, and snuggle with the throw or the quilt, or the ... zero degree sleeping bag?
and about the croc-o-dial, it is from target, many years ago. do they still sell them? i love my croc!

Dk said...

Oooo, I vote for knitting the border. You know what they say: why weave in ends today when you can leave 'em 'til tomorrow :p

painter girl said...

You are amazing.

Patti said...

You know, I always put my cursor over your pictures to see what they'll do. I never do that anywhere else. :)

I love that throw! and the hearty socks, too.