Thursday, September 07, 2006

a prize in the mail !

it's so much fun to get something fun you didn't expect in the mail. mom and i call these things prizes (short for surprise). when mom was visiting over the weekend she stocked up on some sugar'n cream from a.c. moore. i got three balls to make the ladybug potholder. it's actually quite large, so i think it's really a hotpad (my finished measurements were 8.5" x 9.5" !).

i finished this the other day, and sent it out with yesterday's mail. well, she got it in today's mail, and called me all excited, ready to tear the envelope open!

it was a lot of single crochets ... front and back. the next photo is of the backside of the front. the instructions said to strand the colors not in use across the back. i did that with the red and black, but crocheted from both ends of the white. it's like intarsia, in knitty-speak.

and all that stranded mess is sandwiched between the two pieces (the back is solid white), and then single crocheted around the edges. it's so cute, i'm going to have to make one for myself! i have plenty of the black and red leftover, but i used up every bit of the white.


mom said...

it's hugh, it's beautiful, and it's mine!!! thank you!

amanda cathleen said...

awww!! Its so cute! I love ladybugs, since they don't infest my house ; )