Wednesday, September 20, 2006

two pairs beats a ____ ?

i can post these now, because my mom received her package today ... with the yarn for her birds, some 6mm safety eyes, a bicho, a small format crochet magazine, and her cute & amazing blue bird-themed dishcloths !

these were a quick knit, as i made before from this booklet. i only used half the ball of yarn. so, i wonder if i can get two from the remaining (so-called)half?!

next up, tiger striped opal socks !

2's better than 1

i took the advice of jen regarding knitting both socks at once, after i knitted my first mean green girly sock. other than purchasing a second set of crystal palace dpns, the process of knitting both socks is rather ... fine. i like the idea of being finished with a sock (pattern) when both socks are finished ... second sock syndrome bites me in the ass every time! but now, it's okay. second sock is only a few rows away ....


Lolly said...

But two socks at the same time on DPNs? how do you do that? one row on each sock? SSS gets me too, but it seems tedious with 2 sets of DPNs. I am thinking of trying Magic Loop to expand my horizons for Socktoberfest...

Love the Opal. Love the package for your mom too. Adorable cloths!

gray la gran said...

thanks lolly!

also, i am alternating working on each of the socks by knitting an inch or two on one sock, then doing the same on the mate. it's not really a pain.

and, i'm on the heelflap of one, and will pick up the mate and knit the heelflap. step-by-step.

amanda cathleen said...

Love the dishcloths that you sent your mom! Sounds like she got a great package ; )