Thursday, September 14, 2006

yeah! i finished a sock!

whooo hoooo !

that's a lot of sock ! but, it was a fairly quick knit, because of the gauge. i usually knit socks with finer yarns and needles. i still have to weave in some ends on the inside color changes, and probably eventually put some elastic in around the ribbing. they fit nice and snug around my legs, but i'm not going to give gravity the opportunity to turn my socks into ankle warmers.

this sock weights 52 grams. so, here's where knitting theory comes in ... with 4 skeins of naturespun, one could easily knit 2 pairs of socks (though the second pair could not have as high a leg or as long a foot). or, the knitter could use the leftovers for a pair of gloves !

so, before second sock syndrome strikes, i should get off this computer and cast on for the mate.

but, before i do that, say hello to a little bug-a-boo finger puppet. this was knitted by ms. rrrrrrita ... his little arm fell off, and i thought he was just too cute! he was suppose to be donated for a benefit auction, but i guess not too many people would want a 5-armed bug. and of course, i ooooh'd and awwwww'd enough to drop the hint that it wanted to come live with me!


Geraldine said...

Wow, nice socks!!! I like longer socks and love the colors you've used. I can see how sock knitting could be addictive, I can't wait to try pair # 2!!!!

Huggs, G

Kelly said...

The colors you've chosen are so beautiful. Are you using the Stitch and Bitch pattern (from the first book) or is the pattern your own?

Mouse said...

Definitely some cute socks! I'm thinking of working on some of the VTS socks from Knitty because they are knit in worsted weight and would go super quick.. they'd make great funky xmas knits.

amanda cathleen said...

Great colors! You are really moving along. You should make gloves with the leftovers!! awww, the little 5 armed buggy awww!!!

Zarah said...

They look awesome! I love the wide stripes.

Anonymous said...

I love Boston Legal too! BUT...Grey's Anatomy is the best show on TV! Saw Boston Legal last night and I thought it was good too. Now...are we Clarence or Claressa?

Anyways..back to socks...toes should go quickly since you told us that yours are short (ha!)They are looking great!