Thursday, February 01, 2007

this works for me

i mentioned in my previous post that i goofed up knitting the lace, and felt that i needed to chart the pattern. so, i worked on it some last night, and finished up this morning.

i first charted out the pattern as written for the first 16 rows. i already knew what the chart for the lace repeat looked like, so the challenge was figuring out what to do near the edges, especially as increases are worked into the pattern.

the first thing i noticed, and did not like, was a YO next to an edge stitch. that would not be fun, nor neat, for seaming, ... so it was the first thing i changed.

... and because i took out that YO, i had to change the type of decrease the YO was paired with. the decrease had been paired with 2 YO's, so it was a double decrease, so i had to change it to a single decrease ... thus the K2tog.

the stitches circled with green represent the stitches near the edge where one decrease is paired with a single YO. the stitches circled in red(s) represent where the double decreases are paired with two YO's.

i don't know, yet, where i'll put my increases exactly, ... but i'll worry about that when i get there. at least i know what it's suppose to look like. and, i like drawing all the pretty colors on the chart!


jackie said...

where the pictures? i can't see them!

gray la gran said...

blogger was having issues when i posted ... maybe it's still having issues ?!
i'll check again tomorrow ... too bad, because the pictures are quite colorful!

Jan said...

I'm enjoying these posts! (And I can see the photos.)

Anonymous said...

Pretty orphans! These orphans need a home though...some feet! and a mate! How many dp's do you own malabridge?