Tuesday, July 17, 2007

another muy grande picture of sockens ....

yay! finished!

on the left is marigold via flint knits. it's toe up with a short row heel. i am not the most successful at short row heels. i have not mastered the elimination of eyelets. the yarn is lorna's laces ... though i have a few colorways of lorna's in stash, this is the first time i've actually knitted it up (gasp!). but now that i have ... and i love it, i will have to plan some more lorna-sockens ... perhaps like pinky's roza sockens.

on the right ... jaywalker. what hasn't been said about this pattern? this is the 3rd or 4th time i've knitted, or tried to knit, a jaywalker ... only this time with success ! perhaps the good fortune is in the boingy yarn? this is adriafil's knitcol. i knitted top down, and may have knitted the heepflappen slightly shorter, and the toe slightly longer. hmmm ... i'll actually count stitches when i get to the mate, someday.

though i'm now feeling the need for a mindless sock project, i did cast on with a lovely combination of yarn and pattern ...

starting hedera

this is hedera and STR lightweight in ruby. for ruby, it's incredibly pinky. i do love a good semi-solid! and this stuff is super soft!


Stacey said...

i still can't do a SR heel either -still get holes. very frustrating!

hedera is looking awesome. that color...wow!

painter girl said...

Oh My!
I love that jaywalker.
That is one snazzy soken.
You are the queen of sokens and I will have to make you a crown.

PCR said...

Marigold and Jaywalker are both pretty. I like Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' short-row heel from her Dream Socks. I have no problems with eyelets.

scarlet said...

does that say "it's incredibly FOR pinky"? Awww thanks!