Monday, July 23, 2007

hmmm ... i am away from my computer for the next week ... and mom took her beloved laptop with her to mexico. and i don't know dad's password for his computer. and this computer sucks!

so, until i crack the code, or get word from mexico regarding the top secret password, i cannot post pictures.

and we all know i don't like post if i don't have any images.

so, until i figure out the kinks, or get back home to my computer, you will have to visualize an almost finished hedera, and a partially knitted merino scroll sock.



kittykitty said...

Maybe the secret password is one of the dogs' names. Or, ureter? Prostrate? Glomerulus?? :D

kim said...

Is the password, "PASSWORD?" Please please please?

Jan said...

I hate when that happens. ;-)
What DID we do before we blogged? (Don't answer that.)