Sunday, July 29, 2007

hola amigos !


stuart's serape

new pants!

stuart's sombrero !

until late last night, i had been babysitting my two nephews for about 10 days while my parents were in mexico. OMG i'm sooooo tired ! anyhoo ... they brought back a lovely sombrero for me, by request, and a matching one for little stuart!!!

in celebration of his new sombrero, i decided he needed the appropriate clothing to match. see, this is really a crochet posting !


serape red heart acrylique, crocheted with slip stitches and single crochets, all in the front of the loop. heavily steamed to make drapey, and then some fringe added.

pantalones red heart acrylique, crocheted in the round with single crochets through both loops. top edge crocheted with a slip st. in a contrast color from the inside.


elizabeth marley said...

hahaha. I love that he has a gun!

kittyD said...

I am officially overwhelmed by CUTEness OVERLOAD ;D
Stuart is now a bandido!

The_Add_Knitter said...

I am now officially letting you know that if Stuart disappears from your home, it's because that cute little desperado and I have run away together. Consider yourself warned.

yncmusic said...

Viewing Stuart has been an event!
I am sooo impressed by his fabulous wardrobe. The only thing missing is a fashionable free form knit man-bag.

Kelly said...

El sombrero es muy lindo y me encanta la bufanda de muchos colores. Ahora, puedes relajarte porque los sobrinos se fueron!

I figured I'd write in Spanish because most of your post was about Mexico.

gray la gran said...

muchas gracias !

Lisa said...

Wow, Stuart is quite the dude now. Did I hear mention of a freeform man-bag?
Bring him to the shop thursday so I can see the new togs!

brenda in toronto said...


Anonymous said...

Quero Taco Bell?...all Stuart needs now is his own little taco bell doggy and he will be the man! Not to mention a 'little senorita' could brighten his world up too! Stuart is the bomb!...Squirrel is so jealous!!

Alisha said...

Too funny. I love it!!!!

Lisa said...

Stuart, your man-bag is ready!