Monday, July 02, 2007

posting from the porch ....

i had this fabulous idea today, just as the sun ducked behind the clouds, to take some pictures of my sockens-n-progress. thus ... i had to move the activities outdoors ... onto my front porch ... which faces the north and a very busy street (scroll down a bit).

(ps ... this is a pseudo-lazy post, as i'm feeling rather lazy. so, please, click on any photo for further details)

future pippi kneestockings

i knitted myself some pippi kneestockings some time ago .... mom liked them immensely! when she came for a visit last early fall ? labor day? ... anyhoo ... we took a little side trip down to bella filati, where we were able to pick up the colors for her pippi kneestockings !

i actually cast on for these last night, while at jackie's yesterday. note: i spend many sundays at jackie's. anyhoo ... i swatched my yarn. i got gauge (with the same needles i had knitted my pair with). but, when i started the ribbing, i forgot to drop down a needle size, so my ribbing was wonky. thus ... i ripped it out. it's not all bad though ... because i know what to do, which kinda makes it mindless knitting. and, i know i'm on gauge. i just need to re-start.

speaking of mom ... i also am very close to finishing a couple of sockens for her. first up, monkey socken!

monkey toe

i am ready to begin the toe decreases ... but for some reason have not. i think it's because i'm totally distracted by all my other sockens.

also, gasp ! , it means i will have completed a PAIR ! perhaps, that's why i haven't finished? fear of finishing ....

or, because they're not for me ? naughty knitter !!!

and since we're still on this mom-trip, i present (yet) another socken that is ready for the toe ...

ready for toe?

this is only the first of the two ... so, it will remain an orphan until i decide otherwise ;)

... or need a mindless project ... whichever comes first.

that's about all i feel up to in my lazy-state. stay tuned for other sockens on the porch !


Anonymous said...

Mine, Mine, Mine........I love them........super THANKS!!!
your BBF

Stacey said...

lots of almost finished sock goodness! you have some great colors for the Pippi socks there - can't wait to see the re-done ribbing!