Wednesday, July 25, 2007

kinda stalled

well ... with a slightly different look, i have figured out how to download and alter my pictures ... to a certain degree. the secret password for the computer came in yesterday. now, if i could only figure out how to print!

the above socken is my socks that rock hedera. i am a bit stalled. i tend to stall out at the toe ... always for the same reason ... "should i start the toe now ?".

i've really enjoyed knitting with this yarn! it's like butter ! and hedera is a very simple pattern. the only modification i've made (i think) is doing my heel the way i prefer. i also decreased the foot section to the smaller size on the pattern.

stalled scroll sock

this socken is knitted with some fingering merino from fearless fibers. i stalled temporarily because when i resumed the instep, i couldn't remember what to do to stay in pattern. oops. it's all good now, and i'm half way through my gusset decreases. i should probably try it on to see if i like the fit, don't you think ?


this baby is about to be ripped! i so desperately want to knit up this koigu that i have started 2 different socks with it ... and now ... i finally figured out that it most desperately wants to be giotto. but, the computer gods are still working against me, and i cannot get the computer to print my freshly downloaded socken pattern. WHAAAA !

what's a girl to do with all this misfortune ? perhaps a bit of yarn therapy ? perhaps a little trip up to asheville tomorrow to get a little 'pick me up' ?

yes, that sounds like a good plan!


la gatita diablo said...

I *soooo* jealous! Have a Great Time in Asheville, you little strumpet!! :D

Charles said...

I can't wait to see after finsh final socks!

Anyway..I just want to say I just start my "Knitting Video CAST" Come and look and see what you think!


Stacey said...

oh my gosh - all the beautiful socks!!!!!!!