Saturday, July 28, 2007

socken central

decreasing the leg

it seems the first yarns i played with from the acquisition the other day were the ones for my pippi kneestockings. there is great satisfaction at knitting a sock at a larger gauge than usual ... it's speed knitting ! of course, it would be speedier if i stuck with one socken at a time.

beginning giotto

but no, because i had to start giotto. i love the cuff. love the cuff! but doing the stitch pattern for the leg ... hmmm ... can't say i love it. i will give it more than one repeat before i decide for sure.

i have seen lots of pretty socks on the net using the giotto cuff with interweave knits summer '05 go with the flow socks.

see what i mean ....

if i had my interweave magazine with me now, i'm certain i would just go ahead with the flow !

last but not least ... more monkey !

fresh monkeys!

i started this earlier today. it's my mindless knitting, as i've knitted them before, same yarn, same needles, different colorway. and i shouldn't stall on the toe ... shouldn't.


Alisha said...

Oh my goodness what great socks you have!!!!

Stacey said...

more great socks - I love the Giotto and GWTF combo socks - they work perfectly together!