Sunday, September 02, 2007

finished goodies

i can hardly believe it myself!

the mate sat patiently waiting for the toe for about three or four days. i needed to feel some sort of accomplishment, so i finally took the time to knit the toe, and thus have a completed pair of monkeys.

mind you, there are still lots of little socken orphans running around here. and i will have to decide who's next ... and resist the urge to cast on for something new.

but, i will cast on something new. i changed my mind again and decided that i am going to knit bristow. i even swatched!

i'm using addi turbo size 7 circs for a gauge of 5 sts/inch. the pattern has a gauge of 4.75 sts/inch. but, the pattern is also in increments of 4" and i'm shooting for a finished 38" ... thus the modification.

i was set on wicked until stacey got me thinking again with the comment she left in my last post.

and swatching the cable sealed the deal ... though the pattern won't be as obvious as in rebekkah's version, i still think i will be lovely in light black.

these pot holders were crocheted by my friend debalicious. she gave me the pattern about a week ago, but i hadn't made the time to crank one out. these are certainly inspiration to break out the hook! the instructions for making these double thick pot holders is similar to this pattern i found on the net.


maoish said...

OMG! The end of the wee little orphanen sockens???
I do _love_ that potholder pattern... so sturdy. One might not actually burn off all of the skin on one's hand when using it :P

painter girl said...

nice sockens!
I love them with your shoes.
And the potholders are really cool too.

Stacey said...

love love the bristow beginnings! great choice!!! :)

finished sockens! yay!

f. pea said...

i didn't say anything last time, because you were so set on the other one, but bristow really really looks like a favorite-sweater pattern to me. yaaay!

amanda cathleen said...

if it wasn't 93freakingdegrees here today I would be knitting a sweater too!
your finished Monkeys are fantastic! Love the cool greens

Betz White said...

I'm lovin' the green...I just finished a green pair of footsies myself!

Kelly said...

I love your Monkeys! Hopefully this phase of completing things will last for a while?

peaknits said...

I love your finished Monkey's - now how did you get through those toes?? =)I need to get on the Bristow bandwagon - it's a great sweater and looks like it would keep things interesting!