Sunday, April 27, 2008

i hate icarus

yes. i said it. it's true.

why? ... because my blocking surface is not big enough. so, i first blocked 1/2 of the shawl, and thought i'd come back later and block the other half.

instead, i've spent a week walking around the table, bumping into the table, and moving it around here and there so i don't have to bump into it or walk around it.

so, i decided to block the other half. it was a no go. a failure.

i yanked the pins out and put icarus into time out.

besides, who the hell needs a baby alpaca shawl when it's 80* ?!


Stacey said...

uh oh. i read the post title and didn't even want to know what happened. what about a big carpeted floor? Icarus is saying, "don't hate me because i'm beautiful"

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Icarus is giving you hell. Can you pay someone to block it for you? That might work. And give you and Icarus some breathing space.

melissa said...

i think alpaca is a pain to block. i've had to re-block my friend's shawl several times because it just has no memory. good luck! it sure is pretty!

Anonymous said...

why don't you block it on a big bed?