Tuesday, April 08, 2008

purse knitting

i had some running around to do today, including an unusually long wait at doctor's appointment ... thank goodness i had my trusty socken project.

this picture is actually of the first sock (meaning, yes, i am on the mate!). and because my appointment was so long, i almost reached the toe of the socken mate.

i even felt some pangs of panic ....

"what if i finish ... then what ?! i should carry more than one socken project at a time .... "

these socks are from lace style by interweave knits. they're called floral lace anklets. i call them 'red summer sockens'.

the yarn is cpy's panda cotton in lacquer red. it is splitty, but i've come to terms with that. i just have to keep a bit more tension on the yarn to keep the plies together. i like the color and fabric very much. i don't know why i'm knitting 'summer socks', since i don't wear socks in the summer. but, if i do, they'll be pretty girly ones!


Esoteric Knitter said...


Stacey said...

I always make sure I have knitting when I have a doctor or dentist appointment - seems like the wait is always super long!

Those are really cute....love the red!

aquaknits said...

Great use of your time while waiting. You're just speeding along, very nice!