Monday, April 21, 2008

good stuff!

last week, i helped a woman and her mother with a crochet pattern. it wasn't anything big ... and i'm not really sure if i interpreted the instructions correctly, but i did "give permission" to stray from the instructions, as long as they were consistent.

see, i have this *theory* about crochet ... i feel that you don't necessarily have to be so exact, as long as it looks good, and you're consistent.

they were so pleased that the mother said she was going to make me "a doily" ! the daughter said, "it takes her six hours to make one."

wow. six hours of someone's time!

i cannot think of a better gift.

so, it was brought by my LYS today, for me, with a note, and a copy of the pattern to knit a 14 point star dishcloth. how awesome is that?!

i'm not going to use it for dishes though ... it's definitely going to be a washcloth for the bathroom instead.

i also started another new project. hmmmm .... a sweater. a black summer sweater.

see, i have jealousy issues, as my kind friend jackie gleefully points out. what does that mean? well ... when i work at my LYS, and i help someone pick out yarn and pattern for a new project, sometimes they end up getting exactly what i would want for myself!

that happened on saturday. after all was said and done, i wanted the yarn she bought. but, she bought it, and i don't need it. but the pattern, the pattern is a freebie off the net ... it's the pacific view pullover from tahki/stacycharles, as seen advertised in the latest VK magazine.

though the original is knitted in tahki's bali, a bamboo tape yarn, my substitute yarn has the same gauge and the same body as the bamboo (meaning, my yarn is 87 yds/50 gr, and the bamboo is 81 yds/50 gr).

i am using vittadini's dianna. i have knitted the back, and started a sleeve. of course, fit is always an issue, but, i will cross that bridge when i get there .....


Stacey said...

nothing wrong with imparting a bit of yourself on other people when giving yarny advice! :) black summer sweater huh - sexy!!!

f. pea said...

the latest issue of VK was dreamy. i struggled with myself not to buy it. now i can just drool over your sweater! (no jealousy, though...)

Anonymous said...

The pseudo-bali dianna looks fab!
As far as interpreting directions correctly, d.k. always says: as long as it looks good, who cares what the directions told you to do... ;P