Wednesday, April 02, 2008

socks for next season

as i so often do, i stalled on these socks just before the toe. i just do that for some reason. and if i knitted toe up, i'd probably stall before the bindoff!

but i am glad i finished these. perhaps i slowed down because the leg of the mate was knitted twice. i had dropped a stitch on the 3rd round, and didn't discover the mishap 'til i had almost finished the leg. i ripped because it was a mistake i could not overlook. infact, it was glaring!

my original thoughts were that the socks would be a quick knit, on size 3 needles. but, this much cabling, even w/o a cable needle, is slow going.

i would knit these again, perhaps in a superwash wool. but, i'm not in any hurry to do so. i've got lots of other socks to knit !

tyrolean stockings by ann budd
interweave knits fall '07
Bemidji Woolen Mills Original Homespun, 2 hanks
size 3 cpy dpns


Stacey said...

I love those. The cable is beautiful! (even if you knit it twice!)

Mouse said...

Wow.. those are some gorgeous socks! You realize that you have to wear them with your pants rolled up like that so that everyone can admire them.. right? hee hee.

Kelly said...

Absolutely fabulous job with the socks! I now know what pair of socks will be added to my queue!

painter girl said...

Beautiful Miss D!
I love them. You need to wear them with a sassy skirt and some mary janes!