Friday, April 18, 2008

half-assed knitter

so, this week has been vastly different from other weeks. the biggest change has been training for a new temp job, which has ('cause i'm also still working other/primary/current job) impacted my knitting time.

so, what's the best project to carry around, just incase there IS knitting time? .... well, a sock, of course!

i was so pleased with my last panda sockens, that i decided that perhaps summer sockens were a good idea. so, i cast on with some stashed yarn, and went for a very plain sock (as the yarn was quite complex, colorwise).

it has been some seriously slooooow knitting. perhaps because i rushed in too soon with something i had done before (ie: same yarn!) ?!

but, it does allow me to do other things while i knit (ie: watch movies!).

speaking of which, i received i am legend (via netflix) almost a week ago, and finally made the time to watch it, not so long ago. as it turns out, i have become a wussy. apparently, i cannot watch a scary film by myself, after dark. how pitiful is that?!

so, the first night i watched about 55 minutes, 'til i realized that my sleep would be compromised (i can fall asleep, but i have trouble staying asleep). i hit stop. went to bed with a book and "happy thoughts". the next day, i put the movie back on to finish, while it was still daylight.

great movie! love will smith! can't believe he didn't get an oscar! .... and i didn't miss a stitch ....

the details:

cpy's panda cotton in nasturiums, 64 sts on 2.25mm needles. my gauge feels a wee bit tighter than usual, probably due to the elastic nature of this yarn.

for the picot top, i did a crochet provisional cast on, then knitted 8 rounds of the panda cotton, did the eyelet row, then 8 more rounds of stockinette, then joined together on the 9th round.

i figured if i was going "plain" i could at least go "girly".


be*mused jan said...

Would you share your specifics on this sock? Needle size, # stitches cast on, etc? I have only made ribbed socks but love the look of these *plain socks*, especially, as you mention, for multicolored yarn. Love the picot edge...

Stacey said...

nice summery colors! plain socks are the way to go for portable knitting!

Lisa said...

What? New temp job? Will I still see you at the GY? Update, please!

angelarae said...

Those panda socks are looking very pretty! I like the colorway;)