Sunday, January 23, 2011

and i finished knitting them!

i was talking with a friend this morning, and she kindly reminded me i hadn't updated my blog since the 10th. whoops!

wintermint delicious socks!

(i still haven't woven in some of the ends) i had to break and rejoin the yarn before and after the heel construction. plus, i haven't woven in the end up at the cuff from my cast on, i just tucked it inside to take pictures =)

these socks are for january's challenge on SKA (ravelry link). lots of members are knitting this cranberry biscotti pattern right now ... it's such a great pattern for using up leftovers or if you have random single skeins of yarn.

and it doesn't take much ... i used 42 grams of the gray, 22 grams of green, and 22 grams of white, AND, i knitted the leg an extra repeat of 30 rows.

i'd like to say i'd knit this pattern again, and maybe i will someday. it's certainly inspiring to see all the different color combinations on ravelry ....

insider scoop

this picture i'm including because some members had asked about the color changes and weaving in ends. well, you don't have to break the yarn when changing colors ... you just carry it up when it's needed. another member would also catch these floats periodically so the loops weren't so big. i didn't. hey, the loops are only about 5/8" long, and they're vertical, and they will probably felt in a bit anyways.

the only thing i did not like about knitting these socks was having 3 balls of yarn attached while knitting. i would get a bit tangled sometimes. i did devised a way to not get overly tangled. the knitting was slow. but, the results are very nice.

i look forward to wearing them and seeing how well they hold up.

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Jennie said...

Very cool! Thanks for the inside shot.